Food & drink

At Flamingo Beach Bar we serve breakfast, lunch, terrific handcrafted pizzas and a variety of light snacks.
Our drinks menu includes great coffee, fresh fruit juices, local wines and creative cocktails.
And if you like your food fresh and local, the village has a number of great dining options.

A handful of greek tavernas (most of them located right on the beach) serve traditional home cooking, seasoned with local herbs, as well as a wide variety of fresh seafood. Octopus, squid and every kind of fish – from sardines to tuna – come straight off the local boats. Mouth-watering lobster and jumbo prawns in season. A great variety of locally grown fruit and vegetables means there are plenty of choices for vegetarians too.

The souvlaki shops specialize in grilled meat, with local lamb as the favorite. There are also several restaurants serving a more international menu of pizza, pasta, salads, steaks etc.

The island is famous for the quality of its olive oil. There is good local wine (both red & white) – as well as the universal greek favorites retsina and ouzo.

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